The supervisor of the assembly department

/The supervisor of the assembly department
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The supervisor of the assembly department

Interview with Mr. Fabrizio Frau, 53 years old and supervisor of the assembly department. Let’s discover together his journey, the characteristics of his work and in particular the importance of making sure that all the parts of a product match the specifications provided. Enjoy the reading!

Good morning, Fabrizio, can you briefly tell us something about yourself. How long have you been working for MCS? What are your responsibilities inside MCS?  

I am 53 years old and have been working in MCS since 2007. Currently I am the head of the assembly department. Previously, I worked in other metalworking companies, but in completely different fields.

Like everyone else, I started working my way up, even though when I joined MCS I was already an adult with experience – let’s say so – and in the company I came from I was already in charge for a department.

I started from the basics, therefore, gaining experience and growing. From the first tasks gradually, I was given more responsibilities, I developed more and more elaborate skills until I was entrusted with the responsibility of following the assembly department.

What are the main characteristics of your work and the team you work with?

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The team, in addition to myself, is made up of very smart and practically independent girls and guys. Sometimes I intervene to apply that “problem solving” that comes from more experience.

First of all, our responsibility is to check that the products are in line with the quality standards, comply with what is indicated by the Technical Office and the product sheet. Then we proceed with the assembly and final packaging to ship the product to the customer.

From the beginning of your journey here at MCS, how has the company evolved from your point of view, and how has this affected your work in the department?

The company was already modern with Mr. Giorgio Vignaga. Now Alessandro and Valeria have made important steps forward, perhaps for a greater sensitivity and attention to new technologies.

However, an entrepreneur always wants to innovate his products. In terms of equipment and machinery, in my opinion, there has been a great revolution. The company has modernized, but the staff has also had to grow with it.

This positive evolution has not directly involved our department: there is not a great use of machinery, because it requires a purely manual work, more craftsmanship we can say. I personally believe that 3D printing has been a great innovation.

What do you like about your job? Has there been a task or project that has given you the greatest satisfaction and why?

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The fact that there is a wide variety of products. It is not like the assembly line where you always assemble the same product. In principle, the procedures are always same, of course, but the products to be assembled change and therefore you do not get bored.

There wasn’t a task in particular: the satisfaction comes when you complete an order, maybe complex, and everything goes smoothly, without problems. Or it is satisfying to be able to solve certain snags or unforeseen by completing the work.

What are the most critical aspects of assembly work?

The most critical aspect is probably the quality assurance of the final product. It is important to ensure that all parts of a product fit the intended measurements and are correctly assembled according to specifications. This requires careful supervision of the whole process, including a rigorous visual inspection.

What do you think are the strengths of MCS?

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On this point I agree with what my colleagues said in their interviews, in the sense that we can make a large part of the product required by a customer.

In the trade market it happens that one company produces a piece, another company another piece and a third assembles the whole thing. MCS, on the other hand, is able to design the product, produce the various pieces and assemble them providing a complete service.

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now?

Definitely not retired yet. Seriously, I’ll be a bit older but always here to do my duty and contribute to the growth of the company.

If you could leave a message in a bottle for future generations, what teaching or advice would you like to be delivered?

If someone wants to grow humanly and professionally, he must constantly apply himself in his work, collaborate with colleagues, learn to ask for advice and help, be always available to learn.

Only in this way can you become autonomous in your work, knowing what you have to do and how you have to do it.


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