Graphic overlays in polycarbonate and polyester with glossy, embossed and satin finish. Made with silkscreen printing or digital printing systems.

To ensure adequate product performance, the choice of the most suitable adhesive is our primary importance. Therefore, MCS always analyzes with extrem attention the intended use of the instrument and the material on which the overlay will then be placed.

A wide range of adhesives are always available in the warehouse and the mainly used brands are well-known, such as 3M, Nitto Denko, Lohmann and Avery.

Upon request, specific adhesion tests are carried out with subsequent thermal stress in a climatic chamber.

MCS exclusively manufactures customized products. Therefore, what is published on the site cannot be classified as a standard product and no product can be sold individually.
The publication is purely for illustrative purposes. The products are owned by their respective customers and are not directly replicable for different recipients.