Design and production of electronic enclosures and mechanical parts in 3D printing.

Made of Nylon PA12 with HP Multi Jet Fusion printing process.

There are several aesthetic and construction options available:

– natural raw finish

– blackening finish by impregnation

– liquid coated finish with any color tone based on RAL or NCS references.

– possibility of integrating silkscreen printing, digital printing, labels, sheet glass, CNC milling details, die-cut gaskets, etc.

With the Multi Jet Fusion technology is possible to create very robust, high-density parts in Nylon PA12 with extreme precision in the details.

For this reason, today is the ideal solution for prototyping and for the mass production of functional objects in plastic material.

What distinguishes us from a typical 3D printing service? In MCS we have a clear vision of the finished product, we know that, for an electronic product there are very high expectations from a technical, functional and aesthetic point of view.

Therefore, In MCS we have developed our skills in order to obtain parts with high technical, functional and aesthetic characteristics.

In MCS we don’t limit ourselves to just printing a file provided by the customer, but we are able to design and create customized and made-to-measure objects.


The HP Multi Jet Fusion 3D technology guarantees a tolerance of 0.3 mm for objects up to 100 mm, and 0.3% over 100mm. Values are defined as raw parts.
380 x 284 x 380mm
PA12 working temperature: MAX. 140 C (the geometry and thickness of the parts can cause deformation even at lower temperatures)

  • Hole diameter: 1mm

  • Shaft diameter (height 10 mm): 1 mm

  • Printable font: 12 p

  • Detail/printable detail: Width 8mm

  • Empty space at 1 mm thickness: 1 mm

  • Minimum space between two walls: 1 mm

Good chemical resistance to oils, fats, aliphatic and alkali hydrocarbons.

  • Datasheet

  • Biocompatibility certification

  • UL certification

  • PAHs certification

  • Reach % RoHs certification

  • Chemical compatibility certification