Looking for a reliable supplier who can offer you a wide range of products and services in a coordinated and effective way?

How often are you forced to make realize to various suppliers about several parts of the same product, taking charge of the management and synchronization of the different suppliers who often do not respond on the same time and involve delays compared to your schedule?


  • Customized electronic enclosures
    Design and production of customized electronic enclosures in plastic or metal materials. With finishing treatments and possible completion with membrane switches, labels, silkscreen and digital printing, slides and milled mechanical details. Made with in-house processes of cnc machining from full on plastic or aluminum, 3D printing in PA12 material, in plastic and metal bending and thermoforming.
  • Membrane Switches
    Design and production of membrane switches, with integration of support in plastic or metal material, with screen-printed or digital graphics. Flexible circuits with silver-based conductors, in kapton or rigid glassnite PCB.
  • Display Frames
    Design and production of customized display frames made of plastic or metal. Made by cnc milling processes from sheet or 3D printing processes in PA12 material. Finished with aesthetic painting, screen printing, labeling, digital printing. Addition of O-rings or die-cut gaskets, studs and threaded inserts. Shapes, sizes, and finishes are studied out with the client for a highly customized result.
  • Electronic enclosures and mechanical parts in 3D printing
    Design and production of electronic enclosures and mechanical parts in 3D printing. Made of Nylon PA12 with HP Multi Jet Fusion printing process.
  • Milling and customization of electronic enclosures
    Machining with custom milling on electronic, commercial and custom enclosures. Screen printing and digital printing on plastic and metal electronic enclosures. Aesthetic coating and ESD conductive coating.
  • Customized cnc milled parts
    Production of customized mechanical parts obtained from solid CNC milling of plastic or aluminium. Possibility of completion with surface finishes such as aesthetic and conductive painting, passivation, anodizing, sandblasting etc.
  • Polyester and polycarbonate graphic overlays
    Graphic overlays in polycarbonate and polyester with glossy, embossed and satin finish. Made with silkscreen printing or digital printing systems.
  • Silkscreen and digital printed panels
    Panels and sheet plates made of Polycarbonate, Plexiglass, Polyester, Aluminium. Possibility of mechanical machining to draft, assembling of threaded pins, etc. Digital printing or silkscreen printing depending on the material and application area.
  • Labels
    Continuous-form labels with thermal printing, PVC adhesive labels in digital or silkscreen printing, pre-spaced labels.  
  • Custom die cutting
    Customized die-cut patterned parts made of EPDM, PVC, Sil-Pad®, Silicone, various types of double-sided adhesive, etc. Made by standard die-cutting process or by digital or laser cutting.


  • Festa per i 40 anni di MCS - Vicenza - 1b

An unforgettable evening of celebration for 40 years of MCS

With this post, a little different from the usual, I want to tell you about an unforgettable event that crowns an important milestone for MCS: September 1st we celebrated with joy and pride our 40 years of business activity. I would therefore like to share with you some special moments that have made this evening truly unique.

  • L’occhio vigile del reparto assemblaggio - 1
  • L’occhio vigile del reparto assemblaggio - 5

The supervisor of the assembly department

Interview with Mr. Fabrizio Frau, 53 years old and supervisor of the assembly department. Let's discover together his journey, the characteristics of his work and in particular the importance of making sure that all the parts of a product match the specifications provided. Enjoy the reading!

  • uso del plexiglass per display, pannelli frontali per tastiere e vetrini in genere - 1

The use of plexiglass for displays, front panels for keyboards and slides in general

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), more commonly known as plexiglass, is a thermoplastic polymer that lends itself to a very wide range of applications. Here are the types of plexiglasses we use for our creations and the processing methods used. Plexiglass or polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a thermoplastic resin of the techno polymer family. It is often used as an alternative material to glass due to its lightness and resistance, for which it is also called “acrylic glass”.

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