Innovation and precision in mechanical sheet processing.

We constantly invest in the customization of solutions for electronics, a fact well-recognized by our customers. One of our core strengths lies in mechanical sheet processing, which we consider a pivotal milestone in our production process. Since our initial acquisition in 2005, this aspect has undergone remarkable advancements, reflecting our ongoing commitment to innovation and improvement.

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Empowering Female Voices within the Company

On the occasion of International Women’s Day, 8 March, we present an interview to two of our employees in the purchasing office: Head Sonia and colleague Amanjot who also performs receptionist functions. A brief dialogue with two voices to highlight the experiences and opinions of women in the world of work.

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Liquid coating: an important process of finishing and aesthetic customization of products

Liquid coating is one of the most recent processes at MCS, born as a complementary process for the finishing of certain parts of the product. However, the desire to provide impeccable service in every situation has led to the search for the best paints for the various application areas. In 2022 the plant was enlarged to offer a greater number of customers the opportunity to customize their products with high-quality technical and aesthetic finishes.

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MCS, an expert partner in customizing commercial electronics enclosures

Do you need to make an enclosure for your electronic instrument and are you looking for a quick, effective and low-cost solution? We can offer you a proven service of customization of enclosures for commercial electronics, which allows you to choose from a wide range of existing products and adapt them to your needs with our skills and technologies.

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The appeal of collaborating with a special client and developing unique and highly customized products

Since 2016, we have been supplying highly customized electronics enclosures to a customer specializing in the production of XRF spectrometers. A collaboration that has allowed us to manage complex and articulated projects, providing a service that is hardly found on the market.

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An unforgettable evening of celebration for 40 years of MCS

With this post, a little different from the usual, I want to tell you about an unforgettable event that crowns an important milestone for MCS: September 1st we celebrated with joy and pride our 40 years of business activity. I would therefore like to share with you some special moments that have made this evening truly unique.

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The use of plexiglass for displays, front panels for keyboards and slides in general

Polymethyl methacrylate (PMMA), more commonly known as plexiglass, is a thermoplastic polymer that lends itself to a very wide range of applications. Here are the types of plexiglasses we use for our creations and the processing methods used. Plexiglass or polymethylmethacrylate (PMMA) is a thermoplastic resin of the techno polymer family. It is often used as an alternative material to glass due to its lightness and resistance, for which it is also called “acrylic glass”.

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Enclosure with membrane switch for the electronic control of leather spraying

Since 2004 we have been supplying membrane switches on PVC enclosure milled from solid for a control instrument for leather spraying systems, for a company based in Vicenza that has been operating in the tanning industry for more than 25 years. We took care of the initial design of the product, together with the customer, and of the recent “evolution” from an ergonomic and aesthetic point of view.

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