The appeal of collaborating with a special client and developing unique and highly customized products

/The appeal of collaborating with a special client and developing unique and highly customized products
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The appeal of collaborating with a special client and developing unique and highly customized products

Since 2016, we have been supplying highly customized electronics enclosures to a customer specializing in the production of XRF spectrometers. A collaboration that has allowed us to manage complex and articulated projects, providing a service that is hardly found on the market.

Have you ever heard of XRF spectrophotometry (or fluorescence X-ray)? It is a non-destructive analysis technique that allows to know the elementary composition of a sample through the study of fluorescence radiation X.

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It is one of the best techniques for elemental analysis of liquid, solid or loose powders up to the level below ppm and is used in various industrial sectors: cement, mining and metals, refineries, polymer industry.

A company specialized in the production of XRF spectrometry has been our customer since 2016.

It is a niche sector, where production numbers are not high, but beyond the purely commercial aspect, we are pleased to test ourselves with particular and interesting works.

Working in niche sectors, in fact, you have the opportunity to develop vertical skills on specific sectors, allowing you to offer customized and high-quality solutions.

Moreover, these customers often appreciate and seeks long-term collaboration and we are pleased to work with those who rely on our advice and experience.

Looking for more reliable suppliers

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Contacted by phone, the designer and head of the mechanical sector of this company, told us that they found us through a search on the Web as they were looking for a more reliable supplier in the manufacture of enclosures for their electronic devices.

In this market, in fact we cannot afford to have improvised or technically unskilled representatives.

After the first work the customer has involved us in increasingly complex work because on several occasions it has emerged that the type of service we can provide is not easily found.

In fact, we are able to manage multiple manufacturing processes, following the entire process and therefore allowing greater efficiency.

The added value of a partnership

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Our technical expertise and experience in the field of aluminium enclosures allow us to deal with projects and processes that other companies would find difficult to manage.

For example, the shell in light metalwork, machined from solid are products that a simple carpentry or mechanical workshop would hardly make.

In addition, our ability to offer services such as aesthetic conductive coating and silkscreen printing directly on the workpiece is a strong point that sets us apart from other service providers.

A constant and constructive comparison

Our customer gives us some projects with a good state of development and they always welcome suggestions from us on the realization of the various components, also from the aesthetic point of view.

We are responsible for “putting on display” and correcting some details to make everything compatible with our manufacturing processes.

It is particularly appreciated the open and constant dialogue, regarding the technical aspects, with Alberto Castopoli, our design manager of the electronics enclosures.

A wide range of customized products

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The collaboration with this company has given us the opportunity to create different types of aluminium enclosures: some machined from solid by milling in CNC modelling, others with parts in aluminium carpentry and machined from solid, others with 3D printing solutions, such as one of the latest works for which conductive coating, silkscreen printing and insertion of threaded inserts and magnets were also required (something that a service, although evolved, cannot ensure).

The last work in order of time is the transformation of a commercial product Fischer Elektronik (extruded aluminium) that required a lot of processing on several sides, then in combination with the creation of panels and internal systems for fixing electronic boards.

Maximum satisfaction for both

We register from our customer a deep satisfaction for the works performed and the possibility to rely on a competent and friendly collaboration.

For our part, we are happy to have been able to meet the demands of our customer with high-quality customized solutions, as well as to be able to overcome the challenges that arise from managing complex projects in highly specialized sectors.



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