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Design and production of electronic enclosures and mechanical parts in 3D printing. Made of Nylon PA12 with HP Multi Jet Fusion printing process.

New investment to grow and increase the value offered

Innovation and investment in new equipment are the lifeblood for us as well as for any company. All investments are motivated and incentivized by several factors such as: curiosity and passion for news sector, production needs, implementation of complementary processes, and-last but not least-the desire to provide more and more value to our customers.

2023-08-02T10:39:14+02:00November 30, 2022|

3D printed products, complete, with the best finish

Ready and operational is the new 3D printing facility, which will enable us to provide significant added value to customers: on the one hand, greater levels of production flexibility and product customization, and on the other hand, a significant enrichment of product design and functionality.

2023-08-01T13:10:37+02:00October 31, 2022|

Advantages of 3D printed electronics enclosure and other components

The 3D printed of electronic enclosures, frames and other mechanical elements allows us to provide our customers with functional and reliable products, with even very complex geometries and shapes, unattainable with traditional CNC machining.

2023-08-03T15:19:42+02:00August 19, 2020|