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Choosing the right double-sided adhesive: a factor not to be underestimated.

Gluing is an important aspect in the world of membrane switch, as well as in electronic enclosures and display frames. Selecting the right double-sided adhesives is crucial to ensure the durability and effectiveness of our products.

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MCS, an expert partner in customizing commercial electronics enclosures

Do you need to make an enclosure for your electronic instrument and are you looking for a quick, effective and low-cost solution? We can offer you a proven service of customization of enclosures for commercial electronics, which allows you to choose from a wide range of existing products and adapt them to your needs with our skills and technologies.

2024-02-06T14:18:01+02:00November 30, 2023|

Enclosure with membrane switch for the electronic control of leather spraying

Since 2004 we have been supplying membrane switches on PVC enclosure milled from solid for a control instrument for leather spraying systems, for a company based in Vicenza that has been operating in the tanning industry for more than 25 years. We took care of the initial design of the product, together with the customer, and of the recent “evolution” from an ergonomic and aesthetic point of view.

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How to make a customized electronics enclosure with an appealing design? Thanks to 3D printing

The make of the SCA3144-3D customized electronics enclosure for an Image Processing vision system has shown that a well-studied design gets certain positive feedback from customers and 3D printing is a valuable support in this sense.

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