Custom solutions since 1983

MCS Due srl

Listening to the customer, constant attention to market demands, targeted investments for the development of technologies and the growth of our people have allowed us to offer specialist know-how in the production of membrane switches, electronics enclosure, display frames, fronts and panels generally for electronic equipment.

Our goal? Helping our customers make a difference.

On this page we have highlighted the stages of our evolution: after more than 40 years of commitments, challenges and goals we have reached a prominent position for the quality and level of customization offered.

But what distinguishes us from other similar companies? Our team of professionals is characterized by the Spirit of Initiative, which starts from the ability to listen to the needs expressed by a customer.

The expertise and experience gained therefore lead us to translate these needs into particularly effective solutions, which propose solutions that sometimes escape the prior analysis of the potential customer.
Exceeding expectations is our greatest satisfaction.

MCS offers to its customers:

Added value

There are many ways to make a membrane switch, an electronics enclosure or a display frame, but only one way to develop long-term relationships: provide a product whose value goes beyond itself through accurate advice, a careful planning and design, after sales service.

To this we also add quality, which for us is not just an abstract concept or a working system: it means keeping promises and achieving pre-established goals. It is no coincidence that our Quality System is certified ISO 9001 by the international authority Dasa-Rägister.


A significant part of economic resources is invested to adopt and develop new technologies and continue to offer the best solutions in terms of functionality, effectiveness, versatility and aesthetics. Solutions designed and manufactured exclusively in our company.

From CNC machining to silkscreen printing, from liquid conductive coating to digital and 3D printing, all production processes are concentrated in our headquarters of approximately 2,700 square meters: this allows us to offer a complete service in a coordinated and efficient way.


Investments in technology and innovation would be meaningless if they weren’t aimed at giving the customer the most complete answer, the major advantage. We feel like tailors making bespoke garments.

Just as a made-to-measure suit enhances the figure of the wearer to the max, so MCS products respond to customer needs by enhancing their operational and commercial performance.

MCS is born

MCS – Master per Circuiti Stampati

From the passion for electronics of the founder Mr. Giorgio Vignaga, MCS was born in 1983 in a small studio in Arzignano (VI), as an individual company dedicated to the design of masters for printed circuits.

MCS becomes a manufacturing reality

MCS from unlimited partnership becomes Srl (limited liability company) and by integrating new partners it transforms itself into a productive reality by moving to a 300m² building in Via Pacinotti in Brendola.

The brand also evolves, becoming MCS Accessories for Electronics.

With the collaboration of a silkscreen printing master with experience in the German market, the first processes with screen printing process begin.

Production of membrane switches

After acquiring the first silkscreen printing skills, MCS starts making switches on PCB (printed circuit board) and membrane switches with flexible circuit.

Early cnc machining

Introduction of the cnc milling process with the first flat milling machine (partly self-built), for mechanical machining of plastic material supports for the production of front plates and front panels for electronic instruments.

Moving to via Pacinotti 32K

MCS’s first production expansion begins. In fact, we moved from the first 300m² workshop to the new 900m² headquarters.

The company further specializes and made up of 2 primary macro-processes: silkscreen printing and cnc machining.

Establishment of a new ownership structure

MCS Srl, from the initial ownership of 3 different partners, was 100% acquired by the founder Mr. Giorgio Vignaga and his wife Mrs. Manuela Dal Maso.

ISO9001 Quality Certification

MCS achieved the first ISO9001:2000 Quality Certification from international Dasa Rägister authority.

Digital printing department

Alongside the screen printing process is added the first digital resource, with the first Mimaki Ink-Jet installed in Europe.

Cnc machining on large format

First CNC machining of solid objects begins with first 3-axis milling machine of 1500×3000 format.

Moving to via Galileo Galilei 8

Moving to new production site. From 900m² to a new larger and more modern structure on an area of 2700m².

MCS new logo

Presentation of the new registered logo. The acronym for MCS  becomes Mechatronic Custom Solutions.

BRAMA is born.

The Brama project is born, a brand dedicated to the design and production of electric plaque and switches for nautical environment and building automation.

MCS builds Robomek

To increase production efficiency, MCS builds the first rotating vice milling cutter, for the sequential processing of 4 different sides of plastic and metal enclosures for electronics.

Finishing process

To ensure flexibility and process control, MCS adds spray finishing in it’s production line.

With the use of industrial coating process we start customizing finishes of customized and commercial enclosures. Conductive coating for EMI/ESD shielding is also added.

CNC machining department

Creation of a new CNC machining department for the milling of plastic and aluminium blocks.

New ownership structure

Beginning of the first generational transition. Born MCS DUE srl, owned by brothers Mr. Alessandro and Mrs. Valeria Vignaga always present and operative in the company.

Expansion of the technical office

MCS integrates new services in addition to the design and production of membrane switches, mechanical parts and small enclosures from solid, specializing more and more in the design and manufacture of customized electronics enclosures, integrating complementary mechanical engineering and industrial design skills into the staff of its technical office.

First steps with 3D printing

Introduction of the 3D printing process with Stratasys FDM technology in the technical office, for the creation of mockups, prototypes and production equipment.

3D printing production department

MCS chooses the Multi Jet Fusion 3D printing technology for the mass production of mechanical parts and electronic enclosures in Nylon PA12 plastic material, developing at the same time specific skills in the finishing and aesthetic coating of objects built in 3D, for functional use and not just for prototyping.

Upgrading of production premises

Revision and upgrading of machinery and of the layout of the production departments. Expansion of the CNC machining department, of the sheet metal machining department, of the assembly department and creation of a new coating department.

40 years for MCS

An important milestone with the achievement of 40 years of business activity.