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Handpieces for Electromedical devices for aesthetic use

A manufacturer of Electromedical devices for the aesthetic sector has in charge us to develop and manufacture handpieces for professional use. The ability to identify some critical issues convinced the customer to trust us.


It all started a few months ago with the need to give more ergonomics to handpieces that were too heavy, bulky and therefore not very practical. The company, operating in the electro-medical sector, with its own commercial brand manufactures electromedical devices for the aesthetic industry.

One of their high-end equipments allows to carry out different treatments on bodies, in particular with the use of these handpieces it was possible to do firming operations, improving muscle tone, or fat reduction, through a cavitational effect of one megahertz – therefore very light – which acts on the superficial part of the fat.

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The handpieces were in their third update, but after the second one, made a couple of years ago, the company was not satisfied because the products suffered from a slightly outdated technology, which prevented them from reducing their size and not allows for a simple and comfortable hand grip.

The products also highlighted problems from the point of view of impermeability with a consequent higher risk of damage and malfunctions.

After a web search, they contacted us. Interested in our offer, one of their managers came to visit us to check samples of what we had already designed and made for other customers.

He was able to see the potentiality of 3D printing, a technology that they had experimented with at the beginning of its diffusion and which they had then no longer considered due to results not in line with expectations.

From a simple sampling to a complete redesign

At first, they asked us to make a sample of only 3D printing based on their executive files: a very basic shape, which also included the integration of push buttons for operating the handpiece.

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«That shape didn’t convince me much» underlines Mr. Alessandro Vignaga, CEO and Sales Manager of MCS, «so I mentioned to the company the possible problems in the use and reliability of the handpieces: in my opinion they were designing and asking a product not very resistant from the IP (Ingress Protection) point of view and therefore I expected breakages to the key contacts.

This has helped the company to “open their eyes” and to become aware of a problem that recurred in their handpieces».

After that, the company entrusted us not only with the supply but also the study of a new design. During the design we made some internal samples with 3D test prints to verify the comfort and functionality of the handpiece. Once the shape was defined, we presented a render that was immediately appreciated.

Characteristics of the new handpieces pairs

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The new handpieces, therefore, were made in 3D printing in Nylon PA12, painted with semi-matt finish, protective coating resistant to alcohol and sanitizers and with a printed logo on each handpiece.

They are equipped with membrane switches with an embossed polyester surface, on a printed circuit board. The push buttons were made with MetalDome technology.

Along the way, the customer also entrusted us with the assembly of the handpieces on his wiring, supplied by him. In this way, the client company has received an assembled and finished object, with verified assemblies and not delegated to other assemblers unaccustomed to this type of processing.

An inconvenience immediately returned

«There was also a mishap that I can now define as funny» says Mr. Alessandro Vignaga.

«With great effort and commitment, we had managed to deliver the product in time for the presentation to their distributor in Dubai. Arrived at the customer, the handpieces were not working and this had alarmed me a lot, because they would not be easily “opened” for a repair.

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In the absence of my colleagues, until late in the evening, I had retraced all the phases of the project, sharing with the client the various information which, apparently, was in line with the specifications provided. At the end of the evening, it was still nothing. Sleepless night and appointment the following day.

The next day their technicians discovered that their cabler, who had connected the cables to the final connectors, had not complied with the exact connection diagram. At that point the supplier restored the correct connection, solving the error.

The customer then called me happy with the positive conclusion, feeling much more relaxed too».

Final feedback

Most of the customers of this company are foreign, so we haven’t received definitive long-term feedback yet. However, says the client, the feedback received during the presentation in Dubai was very positive.

The company expressed its satisfaction at having addressed and resolved the various critical issues –push buttons, waterproofing, ergonomics, weight, handling – in a timely and effective way. Now they’re asking us to evaluate another component of the equipment and we are very glad about it.



Text by MCS Marketing Department

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